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Social Media Policies

Updated: May 5

We love to see parents and friends out at rehearsals and any time the band performs. Please remember that if you record the Dragon Band (Audio or Video), please DO NOT share those recordings publicly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or any other social media platform. If you have already shared, we kindly ask that you remove all recordings of video and drill. This is very important.

Why? I LOVE our marching shows and are so proud of Dragon Band! Answer - Because the Dragon Band pays fees to the composers and arrangers who create the show for the right to perform their work. Those rights are pretty narrow in scope, and only apply to public performances by the Dragon Band. When you post a recording of the show, that's technically a publication or broadcast, and could make the Dragon Band liable for financial penalties because the rights agreement doesn't include such publications or broadcasts. We also want to make sure that the band is fairly judged based on their performances and not based on a video a judge may come across online. So keep those recordings for your own personal use. We appreciate your understanding. Go Rock, Go Band, Go Rock Band!

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