How Can We Earn $20k (or more) Towards the Pasadena Trip?

Dragon Band Families - We have an extraordinary opportunity to reduce the cost associated with our trip to Pasadena this December, however, we need volunteers to help with this effort.

Beginning April 3, 2014, we have 44 home games where we can earn a portion of the sales made at the Coop and Kennel Pub (behind Section 119) or at Rojo's Mexican Restaurant (behind Section 121) when we have a fully-staffed volunteer crew. Our stands are traditionally the most lucrative stands as they are right behind home plate and offer a variety of meals, snacks, and refreshments. Last year, we earned $22,000 and this year, we have the potential to meet or exceed last year's earnings, but we can't do it without you!

If you are interested in volunteering for a shift, visit our registration page at or click on the image above, to sign up.

Thank You for Your Support, Round Rock!

The 1st Annual Boots & BBQ Bash was a great success, and a lot of fun was had by all that attended and participated in the event. We would like to again thank everyone that helped put the event together, and to those who made generous donations for our Silent Auction to help raise funds:

If you are interested in making a financial donation, you can still do so by clicking the Donate Online button below.

Announcement Regarding Travel From Pasadena

A short while ago, Mr. Mobley sent out an e-mail to all parents regarding the Rose Parade travel arrangements. The e-mail stated the following:

Hello All,

I've had about a dozen parents ask about traveling separately from the band either prior to our departure from Round Rock or after our return or both. I want to accommodate this request to the extent possible. I know folks are making plans so it's important that this information gets to you now. I apologize for any delay in this information reaching you, there were several items that needed to be determined before we could move forward with a clear decision. Please see the following points.

All students marching in the Rose Parade:

  • Must travel together to Pasadena
  • Must stay in the same hotel and adhere to the band's itinerary for the duration of the official school trip (Dec. 28 - Jan 1)
  • May (with attached required documentation) stay AFTER the official school trip has ended and travel back home with their parents
  • Will pay the same price for the trip regardless of potential extended stay

There are a few reasons for these decisions.

  • Students marching in the parade need to travel together to insure everyone's arrival
  • Those wishing to visit with friends and family and extend their stay absolutely can do so after the official trip has ended
  • The travel company has consistent per person costs. If students travel apart from the group and "piecemeal" the trip (pay for hotel and tickets but not charter bus or meals, etc...) the trip costs cannot be consistent-the price of some student's trips being reduced causing others to be raised.
  • Further, seats on the bus as we travel to, from and around southern California must be accounted for, regardless if that student is returning home with the group.

Thanks Everyone,
David Mobley

Mr. Mobley's email included a permission form to be completed if you intend on providing transportation for your student back to Round Rock from Pasadena. You can click here to download the form.

Download the Handouts from the Winter Concert/Rose Parade Trip Meeting

If you did not receive a copy of the latest issue of the Dragon Band Boosters Newsletter that was handed out at the Winter Concert/Rose Parade Trip Meeting, you can download the digital copy by clicking on the newsletter image below.

Also available for download is the Student Trip Package and Itinerary, the Fan Package Information that Chris from Music Travel Consultants (MTC) presented at the Rose Parade meeting, and the Fan Package Itinerary for those who wish to know more about the fun things that will be included.

If you have any questions about the Fan Packages available, check out the Pasadena Trip FAQ on the Booster Facebook site:

If you don't seen an answer to your question on that page, contact the Band Booster Information Officer, Rochelle Zimmerman at to have your question addressed and posted on the FAQ site.

Come On Out for BINGO and Help Raise Funds for the Band!

Did you know that you could play BINGO and support the Dragon Band? Well, you CAN! The Creekside Charity Bingo Hall (next door to Double Daves off CR 3406)  has been a tremendous support system for the Dragon Band. For more information about Dragon Band BINGO nights, click on the BINGO image to download the .PDF.

Round Rock Band Volunteer List Now Available

A complete list of the various volunteer opportunities is now available for everyone to access on the Volunteer page. Parents and students are highly encouraged to sign up for any of the volunteer opportunities posted on the page.

To find out more about the available opportunities, click on the Volunteer image to the right.